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Vins à la pression

Our wines on tap

We propose the best wines, at the right price : the one that values the quality and work of the vine, and not the bottle. From the harvest to the kegs, we follow every step of the production chain of our wines. These are our wines and we are very proud of them. Ce sont nos vins et nous en sommes très fiers.

And here no bottles, just wine on tap ! This approach overlaps with our desire to offer high-quality products while reducing our carbon footprint. The kegs allow us to offer you "brut de cuve" wines, meaning that they taste as good as if you were tasting them directly from our cellar.

Wine is fun, so we make it simpler, and above all better.

Our blends

Our name traduction is « The Blenders ». Blending is a key stage in the creation of many grands crus which consists in bringing together different vats, generally of different grape varieties, to create, like a perfumer, a unique beverage. The reputation of the Côtes-du-Rhône in particular has been forged through the assembly talent of their winemakers.

Our grape varietial wines can be blended according to your wishes or on the advice of the team.

The aim : to restore its nobility to the "vin des copains" while offering you the pleasure to play with aromas and flavors.

Vins à la pression à Lyon

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We offer everyone simple tools to understand the world of wine, without ever forgettint pleasure and conviviality. And approchable wine doesn't mean less qualitative !